All hand blown and cast, forms and sculpture, fresh and curious, glass by Orion Becker.

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Control of the Politico Beast – Fall 2011/12


This piece was created as my response to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The main criticism of this movement was that lacked a identifiable target for the outrage and protest which was gathering in the streets across the United States and the world. To me, the movement was aiming to bring attention to the way democracies around the world have increasingly become not a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” but instead are controlled by the influence of the rich and powerful.

The figure in this piece references the elephant and donkey mascots of the Democratic and Republican political parties. However, I feel the distinction between these parties and what they once represented has become so blurred that they may as well be one beast. Controlling the beast from high above is the aristocrat who has a hand in every important issue: security, lobbying, healthcare, the media, the financial system, and taxes.

Control Over the Politico Beast was chosen as a finalist for the 2012 Bullseye Emerge contest and was shown in the Bullseye gallery in Portland, OR.

For Sale: $2200 including fully insured professional packing and shipping. Please inquire at

More Images:

Get Your Tumblers! Cups Cups Cups!


I’ve been producing a lot of tumblers and cups while in Los Angeles at Revolution Glass Studio but these are the cream of the crop, absolutely ripe with color, and ready for your use in consuming all sorts of liquids. These cups all feature a color overlay which, while time consuming, also results in a highly uniform coloring and beautiful saturation.

Additionally the overlay technique absolutely insures that no metals used to create the colored glass leech into your drink! Cheap and mass-produced tumblers often use a bubble of colored glass with clear glass only on the exterior so that your drink is in direct contact with the color…

However at Orion Glass Works our drinking and serving vessels absolutely always use the overlay technique insuring a lead-free interior and exterior for your health and peace of mind.

From left to right these tumblers are:

Canary Yellow Tumbler

Carmel & Cream Tippy Tumbler

Red Balloon Tumbler

Interior Detail Carmel & Cream Tippy Tumbler

These tumblers are for sale!

Contact for more information and pricing!

New OGW Saturn Ring Cup with Lid – Fall 10/11

Finally a piece of work with the Orion Glass Works logo makes it live! This cup sports a saturn ring at its base to stablize against any sudden gravity changes and prevent catastrophic spills. Additional standard equipment includes a carbon capture lid to prevent excess off gassing from your favorite beverages.

Also drinking vessel also features a finely sand blasted OGW logo on the base and lid along with a clear band for your viewing pleasure.

This cup was shot by my photographer friend Trevor Mann. Holds 12 ounces.

This piece is for sale.

Contact for more info and pricing.

Los Angeles

So I’ve been in LA for the past month and a half and will be here until the end of February. I drove out in my car immediately after Thanksgiving, did a little bit of skiing along with sight seeing, and general driving enjoyment.

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to post the first half of my car time lapse!

Although I took a break from school at RIT this semester I’ll be back in Rochester this spring.  For right now, I’m continuing to work on business and marketing of craft but by exploring the real world production and retail experience to better understand where I see my business fitting in.  While here in California I’ve been living and interning in El Segundo for Joe Cariati, who does phenomenal glass work.  I work on a production team making a variety of forms, the most popular being bottles, decanters, and pastry dishes.

In addition to glass blowing, another part of the work I’ve been doing for Joe has included trying to record glassblowing in a revolutionary ways using GoPro cameras to give a real first person feeling the the video. Check out the first video here:


Angelic Bottle from Joe Cariati on Vimeo.

I’ll be working on Joe Cariati’s blog in the coming weeks as well so look for some posts about that too.

Time for some California sunshine!

Intergalactic Space Traveling Toad – Fall 09/10

This work uses almost all forms of glass creation including kiln formed and flameworked elements which were put together in the hot glass studio to form the body of the ship. The rest of the parts were created either in the hot glass studio or flameworked, then ground flat and bonded together. After assembly the whole piece was frosted using sandblasting leaving portals of clear glass which allow light to enter and can illuminate the figure inside.

The figure in the interior of the ship is a visitor from another galaxy or perhaps even another universe who knows. All that is clear is that gloves and lazer emitting eye show that this is no ordinary creature. His control and navigation center is a flameworked vortex marble which is indecipherable to our kind.

Below the ship is the propulsion system and and adaptable landing gear which is highly necessary when traveling through many different planet types.

This piece is for sale.

Contact for more info and pricing.

U.F.G. (Unidentified Flying Goblet) – Fall 09/10

This goblet uses a very slightly transparent green infused with gold flecks to create a dazzling and exotic look. The cup is stamped with alien heads which gives the impresion of them peering outwards from their vessel. A glimmering green sphere which is put between 2 optic molded sections to create a focal point and allow for easy gripping. This work stands about 10″ tall and the cup holds approximately 12 ounces.

Phantom – Fall 09/10

This sculpture was created using a variety of wax castings that I created and then pasted together. The body of the figure is a saint who has been corrupted and taken over by a parasitic being. The arms are comprised of the legs of soldiers and the hands are  in the form of birds struggling and trying to escape the destruction their master creates. This being causes only chaos and strife and as a testament to this wears a bloodied head as a pendant.


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